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ChatGPT: Free and world's leading AI chatbot

ChatGPT is a free artificial intelligence chatbot from OpenAI. As an AI platform, you only provide the type of text you need and the bot will provide it for you. It also leverages GPT-3 technology, an updated language model that exhibits more natural-sounding language capabilities.

As for the app, ChatGPT comes with a straightforward layout that immediately asks the user for input. You can even customize the AI chat model, although it has limited usage and features a lot of ads. You can also check out Turing: AI Friend Chatbot.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI-driven chatbot developed by OpenAI, designed to simulate human-like text-based conversations. It leverages deep learning algorithms to understand and respond to user queries, making it an innovative tool for a variety of applications, from answering questions to assisting with writing tasks. By getting ChatGPT Plus for $20 monthly, users can unlock a lot of bonus features.

Is ChatGPT available on Android?

Yes, ChatGPT is accessible on Android devices, allowing users to engage with this sophisticated AI technology directly from their smartphones.

How do I install ChatGPT on my Android phone?

Getting ChatGPT up and running on your Android device is a straightforward process:

  • Start by downloading the ChatGPT installation file on your Android phone.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
  • Once installed, log in using your OpenAI account to start interacting with ChatGPT.

With these simple steps, you’ll have ChatGPT ready to assist you, offering a glimpse into the future of AI-driven communication right on your Android device.

Talk with natural-sounding bots

Open AI's ChatGPT is developed with a machine-learning model at the center. A bot built utilizing GPT-3 technology can comprehend human chats and questions and respond with replies that sound natural because it has been trained using a variety of language and conversation datasets. It can answer questions as you would with a search engine. Response time, however, varies on the prompt used. 

Currently, this software is only available as an extension and web app. However, OpenAI's mission to provide accessible artificial intelligence has taken a major step forward with its anticipated introduction to mobile platforms. With this app, users can access instant answers, receive tailored advice, find creative inspiration, seek professional input, and explore learning opportunities. It's everything you love about the powerful language model but with the convenience of having it at your fingertips.

On a broader spectrum, industries spanning from customer support and content creation to education and research can readily harness the enormous potential provided by this program on mobile devices. This empowers collaborative efforts, irrespective of geographical limitations. Moreover, the ubiquity of mobile devices combined with the accessibility of this software amplifies productivity across various fields that involve generating ideas and implementing processes. 

Additional features for premium users

Users who are subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, the premium version which uses GPT-4 instead of GPT-3, gain access to new and experimental features ahead of everyone else. This includes the web-browsing feature that allows the AI to use more up-to-date information. Prior to that feature’s roll-out, the tool was only able to utilize data published before 2021, hence it’s not capable of answering questions about current events.

Besides that, premium users also get access to over 70 third-party plug-ins for a number of websites. Some of these include Expedia, Instacart, OpenTable, and more. These plug-ins enable the AI to make recommendations or answer questions based on the user’s query as well as the information present on the website. In sum, it decreases the need for a person to scan through web pages manually. Instead, they can just pop a question into the tool and get the answers they need, pronto.

  1. Custom GPTs: This innovative feature allows users to create their own versions of ChatGPT tailored for specific needs. Whether for personal use, professional tasks, or creative projects, these custom GPTs can be designed to integrate specific knowledge, skills, or instructions​​.
  2. Browsing capability: ChatGPT's browsing feature enables it to access and retrieve up-to-date information from the internet. This means it can provide current data, news, and authoritative resources, expanding its knowledge base beyond pre-programmed information​​.
  3. DALL·E 3 integration: With DALL·E 3, ChatGPT can generate images from textual descriptions. This feature bridges the gap between text and visuals, allowing users to see AI-generated representations of their ideas or requests​​.
  4. Voice and image interaction: The addition of voice and image capabilities makes ChatGPT more interactive and user-friendly. Users can engage in voice conversations or show images to the AI for a more intuitive and dynamic interaction. This feature is particularly useful for tasks like troubleshooting, planning meals, or discussing complex visual data​​.
  5. Multilingual support: ChatGPT supports multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility to a global audience. This feature caters to users who prefer to interact in their native language, making the AI more versatile and inclusive​​.

Not just a text generator

Aside from writing complete texts, creating codes, and doing mathematical calculations, ChatGPT can also generate images. The chatbot uses OpenAI’s text-to-image system, DALL-E 3, to translate nuanced text requests into detailed and accurate illustrations. This feature has safety measures in place, such as ignoring certain words and denying requests to depict public figures, to prevent users from creating inappropriate or hateful images. Keep in mind that DALL-E 3 will only be available for paying users.

Our take

In the mobile iteration of ChatGPT, there's a noticeable leap in response speed compared to its desktop counterpart. Unlike the desktop version, which constructs answers word by word, the app version churns out entire paragraphs swiftly. However, it's worth mentioning that the app initially employs a robust haptic feedback system for each word it generates, leading to frequent vibrations during the creation of longer responses. This can be a bit jarring, but users have the option to disable this feature within the app settings for a more comfortable experience.

Upon evaluation, the app version of ChatGPT appears to have refined its response accuracy. There's a noticeable decrease in instances of generating baseless or fictitious answers. This improvement extends to its translation capabilities, which now efficiently handle languages like Tamil without necessitating a romanized format, a notable enhancement from previous iterations. The app also exhibits a prudent approach when dealing with sensitive or controversial queries, deliberately avoiding specific details or names, particularly in scenarios that could potentially lead to misinformation or harm.

One standout feature is the app's voice typing capability. This feature not only facilitates ease of input by converting spoken words into text but also excels in recognizing and adapting to proper nouns and terms from various languages, including Indian dialects. The intelligent punctuation recognition within this feature is particularly commendable, accurately distinguishing between statements and questions. This level of precision makes the voice typing function especially valuable for users who prefer hands-free operation or need to conduct searches while on the move. However, it's important for users to bear in mind that, despite these advancements, ChatGPT still lacks the nuanced understanding required for providing reliable advice on legal, medical, or other sensitive matters.

Must-have extension

In conclusion, OpenAI's introduction of ChatGPT on mobile devices marks a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence accessibility and usability. Keep in mind, though, that this language model has its share of limitations that can extend to any platform, including algorithmic bias and finite resources. It’s also unlikely to stay free for long, making this extension a must-have for tech enthusiasts.


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  • Offers different AI chat models
  • Very fast


  • Contains inaccuracies
  • In-app purchase for full features

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ChatGPT APK for Android

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.2024.038
  • 3.9

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